What to Expect from the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid?

Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular cars that people use for everyday travelling. The cross-hybrid version of this vehicle offers something more than its gas-powered counterpart. From improved styling to ample power under its hood, the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid is a powerful machine.

People seeking to get a car from this segment should reach Eagle Toyota dealer and check out all the available variants. However, its specs should inform what you can expect from this car when you purchase it.

What to expect from this vehicle?

This cross-hybrid option offers distinct changes when it is compared with its gas-powered option. Such changes can be observed primarily in its powertrain and price segment. Hence, take a look at these two aspects along with a few other things below.

1. Corolla Cross Hybrid’s powertrain

The gas engine used for this model is the same as the one used for a gas-powered Corolla. It involves a four-cylinder 2L engine and along with it, there are three different electric motors combined to offer 196 hp. With such a combination, this vehicle is available in just AWD, which is the standard setup.

The ordinary Corolla takes about 9.2 seconds to reach zero to sixty mph, while this hybrid option will only take 7.3 seconds for the same. Moreover, people are keen on getting this vehicle over its counterpart due to its suspension tuning which is much sportier in this version.

Toyota is convinced that this vehicle will provide a mileage of 45 mpg in cities and 38 mpg on highways, which makes it at par or better when compared with other cars in this category. People willing to know more about this cross-hybrid option’s powertrain should reach Eagle Toyota dealership at the earliest.

2. Price to expect

This car is a far better choice than its gas-powered model; hence, the base model S is priced at $29,305. The other two available options include SE available at $30,625 and XSE costs $32,400.

This is an approximate price list of the available trims. To know about all offers a buyer would receive, he/she should get in touch with a dealer.

3. Other things to expect from this car

People familiar with the interior of a normal Corolla know exactly what to expect from this cross-hybrid choice. Identical aspects include interior materials, layout of the dashboard, convenience features, etc.

However, one of the things a Corolla Cross Hybrid buyer would enjoy is the larger available space in this car. With a bigger dimension, people should expect passengers to enjoy more room in the rear seat area. Also, there is additional space available for cargo hauling.

Apart from these people getting the XSE model will also enjoy heated seats, ambient lighting, a sunroof, upholstery made using faux leather, a back seat with flip-down armrest, and more.

These are some of the things people should expect when buying the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid. If you have any doubts, reach a dealership and talk directly to the sales team for a test drive before purchasing this ride.


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