Why Most People Are Getting Chevrolet Corvette in 2023?

Chevy’s one of the most loveable vehicles is Corvette. Hence, no matter which generation Corvette it is, people will want to buy it. Also, Chevy ensures that every Corvette is powerful yet affordable making it one of the best sports cars to buy. To know why you and other people should get it, simply check out its performance and more. However, if you are looking to buy it, then contact Wendell Chevrolet dealer.

Why people are getting a Corvette?

As mentioned earlier, there are just a few reasons why people want to get this vehicle. Its performance which comes from its power and affordable pricing is what makes people get it. However, there are other reasons for getting it too; these include its ability to perform any day on a track, great interior, and more. Hence, take a look at these in detail!


Chevrolet places the engine now behind the passenger compartment. This car is equipped with a V8 6.2-liter engine that produces mind-blowing 490 horses and a torque of 470 lb-ft. This is the only engine that is available for this generation’s standard Corvette. Nevertheless, when buying a sports vehicle, people always want more power and thus, they equip it with a Z51 package. This pack helps this vehicle have 495 hp.

There are other reasons for equipping this vehicle with this package too; these include more powerful brakes than the standard option, electronic back differential, summer tires, etc. To make it have the best possible acceleration on the road or track, Chevy now offers an automatic dual-clutch transmission only for this vehicle. This can be controlled using buttons to select gears or simply using paddle shifters placed on its steering wheel.

The most essential aspect of a sports car is its speed, this Corvette clocks 2.8 seconds to reach 0-60 mph, which makes it one of the fastest legal sports cars in this segment. Also, it can complete a quarter-mile lap within 11.2 seconds. What gives drivers confidence about driving this car so hard is the optional magnetorheological dampers and Brembo brakes along with its heroic handling.

Even with such a powertrain, combined this vehicle offers 19 mpg, which is more than what most cars in this category can provide. Such a powertrain is why people quickly visit Wendell Chevrolet dealership and get the paperwork sorted to bring this beast home.


Apart from powertrain, pricing of this car is another reason why people want to get this sports car. The base model starts from a little over $65k only. It is difficult for people to understand how Chevy is offering such a magnificent sports car at such reasonable pricing. Even, the costliest Corvette is less than $84k, which is Corvette’s 70th Anniversary model.

These two aspects are why people want to get this sports car. Also, it looks super cool and modern which appeals to the masses. Hence, if you are looking to get a sports car, you need to check out the 2023 Chevy Corvette and test drive it before even considering any other option!

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